The Real Deal Racing - 3/4 Scale Late Models


Welcome to The Real Deal Racing website, manufacturers of the ¾-scale late model racecar. TRD Racing is dedicated to bringing the dirt racing community an affordable, highly-competitive racecar that is both structurally safe and durable. Our innovative and fresh approach of super late model racing offers dirt racers a complete racecar package which includes everything needed to quickly and confidently get out on the racetrack!


Our goal at TRD Racing is to promote a stable, steady race experience focused on competitive, unbiased racing for everyone. The concept of an ‘out-of-the-box’ racecar series sustains our belief in focusing competition on the set-up of the racecar and the driver’s abilities rather than the financial differences between race teams.


Please explore our website to learn more about The Real Deal Racing’s ¾-scale late model racecar. Our staff is committed to the future of our new, revolutionary brand of dirt racing and is happy to answer any questions. Use the Contact Us link to send us your inquiries.


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